North West Private Ambulance Liason Services

We are a local Private Ambulance Services providing a gold standard service to our local NHS trusts, We are on a  journey and part of our  Journey   is to increase our fleet size with new vehicles, we found PH who  have supported us through the whole process of buying the vehicle and converting it to our specification, the total time from planning to delivery date was an amazing experience , we were guided through the process and advice was given on certain aspects of the conversion which we would have never taken into consideration. On the collection day of the vehicle we were overwhelmed by how good the conversion was and the standard of service we received from Paul and the team was more than we excepted. There has been no major issues with the vehicle, it has now completed its first 5k and it’s running like a dream.

Well done to Paul and the team keep up the good work and we will see you before winter pressure for our next order 🙂