Patient Transport

The Patient Transport Service, also known as PTS is one of the largest mobile facilities within the ambulance range that provides a form of transport for non-emergency patients to and from hospitals. The vehicle provides transport for people who are unable to use any public or other transport due to their medical condition.

With years of industry knowledge we are aware that this type of transport is extremely important to the public. We offer this type of vehicle which can be configured and designed in a variety of different ways to accommodate yours needs, and with our ability to convert at such a high standard we ensure that the vehicle will deliver the best possible journey for both the paramedics and patient.

All our PTS ambulances are designed to use all the spaced as efficiently as possible. All our floor layouts are stretcher and wheelchair capable and we ensure that all seating can be used in the event of a stretcher or wheelchair being used.

The internal and external appearance of the vehicle can be modified to suit the purpose. ‘There is no limit to what you can have on your individual specification’

All our Patient Transport ambulances are built in the UK by our team and have an M1 IVA test to ensure the vehicle is ‘safe to use on the road’. We also ensure our builds are below 3.5 tonne to suit standard driving license requirements.


‘We do not use ‘standard’ conversion pack options, instead we listen to and advise our customers to guarantee that the end result is adequate for them to use and flexible.’

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