Frontline A&E

Frontline A&E is the most advanced emergency services ambulance, that provides vital transport to patients who need urgent medical care, close monitoring and basic treatment whilst the ambulance is stationary and in motion whilst going to the hospital.

With years of first hand knowledge we know how popular and important this ambulance is to the emergency services and we provide the highest quality conversion for our customers who desire an A&E build.

As we listen to our customers ideas and design it enables us to ensure we configure the ambulance to meet the specification they want to help the paramedics excel in their job to the best of their ability with the ambulance being advanced as possible.

The conversion we provide is the most advanced as we are aware that this vehicle needs to enable the users to work as quickly and efficiently as possible with all of the best quality equipment and space within the ambulance.

The internal and external appearance of the vehicle can be modified to suit the purpose. ‘There is no limit to what you can have on your individual specification’

All our Frontline A&E ambulance are built in the UK by our team and have an M1 IVA test to ensure the vehicle is ‘safe to use on the road’. We also ensure our builds are below 3.5 tonne to suit standard driving license requirements.


‘We do not use ‘standard’ conversion pack options, instead we listen to and advise our customers to guarantee that the end result is adequate for them to use and flexible.’

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