Neonatal Transport

Our neonatal transport ambulance has been designed to carry TWO incubators in the event of twins needing to be transported.

The vehicle has been specially designed and adapted to support needs of two babies.

  • 4 x medical gas holders.
  • 2 x oxygen bottle holders.
  • Facility to carry 2 spare oxygen bottles.
  • Automatic oxygen and medical gas change over.
  • 3 x Smartseat tip and fold M1 tested and RDW approved 360 degree seats – Ability to position the seat in any direction to treat the babies.
  • Specially designed pull down ramp to allow easy access for the incubators.
  • Smartfloor layout with anti slip vinyl overlay to house two incubators.


Our neonatal ambulance was built in the UK by our team and had an M1 IVA test to ensure the vehicle is ‘safe to use on the road’.

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